• Ephaporia

    1. Keppi = January 1st

    2. Mabu = March 1th

    3. Kazuki = April 29th

    4. Enta = May 28th

    5. Reo = July 24th

    6. Sara = August 8th

    7. Toi = November 1st

    8. Chikai = December 9th

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  • Ephaporia

    Attention Please

    April 3, 2020 by Ephaporia

    I want to warn all of you to not add some unofficial arts or fanarts in some article unless you add them in your own user page or your blog. Make sure for adding some arts that really really official from the official artists to the article gallery to not make some misleading toward the readers in here.

    As for your attention, thank you so much.

    Regard, Ephaporia

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  • Ephaporia

    Hi Guys, I just want to promote my fanfiction which is crossover between Sarazanmai and Yuri on Ice, Sarazanmai!!! on Ice in AO3. It's free you know.

    Summary: What will it be if all of Sarazanmai characters have to do ice skating for TV Special Program of Simply Asakusa Sara TV? Bringing the already shown programs at Yuri!!! On Ice? With Yuri!!! On Ice’s characters as their coaches?

    This event is 3 three years post anime for both animes.

    Check out on this link:

    Hope you enjoy reading it ^^

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  • Ephaporia

    Hi guys, do you know which one of the other anime or game that suitable for crossovering with Sarazanmai?

    For me, it's Yuri on Ice, Banana Fish, and Demon Slayer.

    How about you?

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  • S3r0-Ph1i

    Whilst detailing the Sarazanmai Wiki with official information is paramount and naturally comes first, badges are also available for edits. These are of course a nice feature that come along with adding to pages, they are available anyway so may as well make the most of them and have some nice images of the characters in an own badge art gallery!

    Enjoy making excellent edits on the wiki, adding high quality .png images and adding articles to categories to help people navigate through all the lovely information the wiki details.

    Luck badges are given for every thousandth edit, there are two other badges that are not viewable, secret badges in fact and there are two:

    anywhere across the wiki will score this secret badge and the second is the


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  • S3r0-Ph1i

    Wiki Developments

    June 4, 2019 by S3r0-Ph1i

    With forums relegated to the past and Discussions fully implemented, this blog is the place to note today that article comments were switched off for the Sarazanmai wiki, because:

    1) Discussions is easier for mobile users to access, of which people using portable devices are making up an ever greater amount of online users. Better everything is kept in one area rather than people having to navigate to every different page if they would like to comment/ask questions and so forth. More features are planned for Discussions and Fandom is resolute in making them the future, great let's help embrace them!

    2) It’s something different! As it happens it was the Banana Fish crew that took up residence by founding and acting as a guarantor that the Sar…

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  • Ephaporia

    Welcome to the Sarazanmai Wiki! Everyone’s favourite Kappa, SARAAAA! (whatever is going on in this series, your guess is as good as ours) centralised show!

    For everyone reading here at any point in time, let’s make this wiki an all-encompassing encyclopaedia on everything related to Sarazanmai. Characters, media, events if it concerns official information on Sarazanmai this is the site to document it for informative purpose so everyone has a go to point if they want to discover greater details about the series.

    Whilst the article pages are for official information, at the same time user areas like profiles, message walls, blogs and Discussions are fine to have fan made content such as fan fiction and art.

    What better goal than to create a sit…

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