The Cat Zombie is in Sarazanmai

Appearance Edit

Like all zombies it was huge and had a largely human shaped form kneeling on all fours. This body was dark blue in similar resemblance to a night sky complete with multiple stars. The legs had three parallel neon pink red lines over the thigh area and had three clawed cat like toes.

The cat zombie had three pairs of arm limbs, six large thick arms in total that ended in huge three toed paws with violet colored claws. The arms had neon red pink vine like patterns adorning them. The upper four arms tended to float freely though the air apparently lacking bones inside whilst the lower two were used to hold the cat zombie upright and were the only ones seen with elbows. The closer to the body all the cat zombies limbs were the closer purple they appeared though near the ends they changed abruptly to a light blue complexion all the while retaining the glittering inner substance within.

The most striking physical feature and one that differentiated the cat zombie from others was the gigantic Maneki-neko, or lucky beckoning cat that made up the zombies facial area. This appeared artificial in design being a tall bipedal white cat that has four clawless paws. At the top of it's legs was a linear light purple and blue circular design, with an identical colored though different in shape look under it's forearms. There was a heart shaped design on the head cat's chest with the otter symbol featured. Above was a similar color light purple collar around it's neck.

The cat zombies cat statue face head was very large in proportion to it's body with short triangular cat ears with light purple pinna for the interior of it's ears. The largest vertically linear light purple and blue pattern held in a circle was found on it's forehead above a pair of large cyan blue eyes with large black pupils. It's curved eyebrows connected to it's small nose with a pair of three straight whiskers on either side all above it's open mouth.

Another notable feature was a large single, ethereal purple of a different variety, door open on it's stomach area with contained what appeared to be a portal housing multiple floating cat heads within all of different appearances.

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