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Chikai Kuji was Toi Kuji's older brother in Sarazanmai.


He had messy dark hair but wore formal attire consisting of a black suit.


The driving philosophy that shapes his outlook is that only the strong survive. With that he was perfectly willing to dispose of anyone he perceived as weak. This included Enta even after he helped him escape the police by kicking him in the path of a yakuza member charging at him with a sword. It also extended to his younger brother Toi even after he demonstrated great strength by shooting at the thugs targeting his brother and saving him.


He is first introduced in Episode 2, where he leaves his younger brother in Asakusa. In Episode 4, it is revealed throught flashbacks that Toi and Chikai lived a happy life with their parents until the latter acquired a grave debt which resulted in their suicide. In order to survive, Chikai joined a gang. He later betrayed that same gang leading to the leader targeting him, and attempting to kidnap Toi so they can lure him to his death.


Toi Kuji

His younger brother who he raises money for after their parents died. He promises to bring ToI with him after covering for the murder of a gang leader after him. Eventually he see’s Toi as weak even though he firsthand showed otherwise and once he fell into his definition of weak, it was fine in his warped view that it was okay to shoot him. Though flashback memories show Tou happy with his brother and enjoying his company at a theme park, he was shown looking detached and distracted not enjoying events that others would expect him to do. Despite that he still presented cash to Toi as he done before to keep his younger brother fed.

Enta Jinnai

Meeting Enta in an arcade he helps him win a round before relying on his help to escape the police. He is unaware that friends Enta is concerned with includes his brother Toi as he advises him to make up with them. Even though they sat together eating ice cream, and he helped him, he used Enta a a human shield against someone armed with a katana sword then used the distraction to escape himself. Later meeting Enta he felt no remorse indeed justified the action that only the strong survive.

Yurikamome Gangster

He was Chikai's boss when the latter joined the yakuza. He insisted that Chikai takes the Tokarev, and pretended to be somewhat "nice". However, when Kuji stole his blood money, he didn't hesitate and ordered his men to find and kill the traitor. He even tried to kidnap Toi, only to be kill by him. In Minna de Sarazanmai, his relationship with Chikai will be expended.


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