Chikai Kuji 's perspective and experiences in Sarazanmai.

Dish 2 - I Want to Connect, but I want to Take Edit

Chikai is first introduced during the torture in the bath, where he threated an man that followed him and his younger brother. Just after that, he told Toi to be careful and to not get caught or followed. He was about to leave Asakusa for bussiness. Toi wanted to go with him, by telling that he would find the money he needed. So Chikai said that he counted on him to get him out of troubles and made a promise to come back. He also told to not worry while patting his head. After that, the two brothers were separated.

Dish 4 - I Want to Connect, but You're So Far Away Edit

Chikai and Toi were calling each other about the events the other went through. After telling him that he might come back, he responded that he didn't know if his younger brother could come, making the latter slighly frustated. The two of them were interrupted by their grandmother, calling Toi that "a friend" came. Chikai reappeared in the flash backs, when he first join the yakuzas. He had lost his faith into his parents, and he sell their belongings despite Toi's protests. He told him that "bad people are the ones who survived in this world". He is then seen with the Yurikamome Leader that gave him the Tokarev.

Dish 7 - I Want to Connect, but I want to Betray Edit

Dish 8 - I Want to Connect, but We'll Never Meet Again Edit

Dish 9 - I Want to Connect, but I Can't Express It Edit

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