A Dish of Hope is an object that can bestow wishes. They are gained after defeating zombies in Sarazanmai. There are two types of dish of hopes, that are gold dish and silver dish.

Appearance Edit

They resemble large dishes.

Dishes of Hope Edit

  • Episode 2 :The first dish of hope was a gold one. It was used by Enta, who wished for a year of cucumber rolls (Kazuki's favorite meal) which destroyed it being a one time use object.
  • At the end of that same episode, Kazuki earns a silver dish after defeating the Cat Zombie. It's when Keppi reveals that you need 5 silver dishes to grant a wish.
  • Episode 3 :Enta earns one after defeating the Kisu Zombie.
  • Episode 4 :Toi earns one after defeating the Soba Zombie.
  • Episode 6 :The trio earn one off-screen after finally defeating the Sachet Zombie. Also off-screen, they decide to hide the dishes at the Kappa Plaza.
  • Episode 7-Episode 10 :What was supposed to be the last silver dish to help Toi's brother is unused because of all the events that happened lately. Instead, this one is broken by Enta (who is dying) in order to not be used by the Otter Empire.
  • Episode 10 :Another last dish is created by Reo defeating the Mabu Zombie. However, Reo, Kazuki and Toi (who came back after losing his brother) fight over it in order to have their loved one back from the dead. Reo and Toi lose, the former because he was shot and the latter because Kazuki used the newly created gold dish to resurrect Enta.
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