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Enta wondering about Kazuki and Toi's relationship (drawing by Migi for Episode 2)

Enta's relationships in Sarazanmai.


Kazuki Yasaka

Enta and Kazuki have been friends since childhood and shared a common interest in soccer as they both were renowned as the 'Golden Duo' in their school. They call each other by their first names and seemed to be good friends since Enta even visited Haruka in the hospital.

Although after Haruka's accident, Kazuki began to change and grow more distant, even quitting the soccer club, resulting in Enta being enraged that Kazuki didn't think to tell him beforehand. Even after Kazuki stopped playing soccer, Enta still cared for him and wanted to stay his friend, wishing to reform the 'Golden duo'. He also didn't judge his childhood friend for crossdressing as the idol and tried to understand that it was for Haruka's sake.

It is evident that Enta has romantic feelings for Kazuki, going as far as to secretly smell his worn clothes, trying to attain an indirect kiss from his used flute and stealing a kiss from him while he was unconscious. Enta has also had multiple delusions about him in general and their relationship advancing.

When the latter found out about his actions from the Sarazanmai, Kazuki came to the conclusion that it was a dare from the other members of their soccer club, presumably still unaware of Enta's true feelings. This could be a sign that Kazuki is comfortable around him and won't judge him for these actions towards him.

Toi Kuji

He is taken aback learning that Toi may have killed someone and tells him that he told his guardians that he was his friend so that he would come out and meet him yet they otherwise work well together. Enta does become jealous that Kazuki gives him the impression that he likes Toi more than him, complicated further that Enta has feelings for Kazuki.

Haruka Yasaka

Enta met weekly with Kazuki's younger brother, Haruka and continues to look after him such as pushing his wheelchair when he wanted to meet his idol, Sara.

Chikai Kuji

Toi’s older brother who comes across him in an arcade. Enta does recognise him but does not reveal he is friends with his brother to the yakuza member. They share amicable time together but Enta is betrayed by being kicked toward a gang member running towards Chikai with a sword.

Sara Azuma

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