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Dish 1 - I Want to Connect, but I want to Lie Edit

Enta finds Kazuki in his classroom after he discovered he has quit the soccer team. Angry at such a move, with the two of them being the golden duo. He is later turned into a small green kappa after calling the Prince of the Kappa Kingdom a frog.

Dish 2 - I Want to Connect, but I want to Take Edit

Along with Keppi on stilts and dressed for the couples theme park, Enta joins Toi and Kazuki. During the episode, Enta grows more jealous and distrustful of Toi being close to his best friend. Later he comes across Kazuki sleeping whilst dressed as Sara Azuma and kisses him.

Dish 3 - I Want to Connect, but it's Not Meant to Be Edit

Right after kissing Kazuki, Enta changes the subject by telling him that he was worried that he'll (Kazuki) catches a cold. After, he thought that he loves him. The next day, the Jinnai have a breakfast with kisu (fishes), which makes Enta akward because of what happened yesterday. Otone, then, tells that she is on a date with her boyfriend.

Dish 4 - I Want to Connect, but You're So Far Away Edit

Dish 5 - I Want to Connect, but I Can't Be ForgivenEdit

Dish 6 - I Want to Connect, so I'm Not Giving up Edit

Dish 7 - I Want to Connect, but I Want to BetrayEdit

Dish 8 - I Want to Connect, but We'll Never Meet AgainEdit

Dish 9 - I Want to Connect, but I Can't Express ItEdit

Dish 10 - I Want to Connect, but I Can'tEdit

Dish 11 - I Want to Connect, so SarazanmaiEdit

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