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I Want to Connect, but I Want to Lie (つながりたいけど、偽りたい) is the first episode of the Sarazanmai anime.


With the statue of a kappa broken, Kazuki Yasaka, alongside his school friends, Toi Kuji and Enta Jinnai, have their Shirikodama stolen by an heir to the throne of the Kappa Kingdom, Keppi. The result is they become small green kappas.

They are able to become human again by defeating zombies and taking their shirikodama. However each time their unified cry of "Sarazanmai" is called out, this then reveals one of the boys' secrets and in this case, it is Kazuki's. They all see in their minds that Kazuki dresses as the idol, Sara Azuma.


Episode 1 introduced all-new characters.



Kappa Zombie of the Day

Episode Notes

Post-Credits Scene

Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu are two police officers and use a gun to extract the desires of a man brought who they have for questioning.



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