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I Want to Connect, but I Can't is the tenth episode of the Sarazanmai anime.



Kappa Zombie of the Day

  • Mabu Zombie


Reo finds Kazuki, Enta and captures Keppi. Coming across dark Keppi, they also find that Otter has transformed Mabu into a zombie.

Reo is transformed into a kappa and recovering Mabu's shirikodama he learns that Otter would only keep Mabu alive with an artificial heart if he gave up his connection with Reo.

Appearing as a kappa as well, Mabu and Reo appear as human where Mabu tells Reo that he loves him which causes his heart to explode.

Grieving, Reo attacks Keppi, Kazuki and Enta before being shot and killed by Toi. With his gun still aimed he has returned to take and use the dishes to bring Chikai back to life.


Episode Notes

Post-Credits Scene

The golden dish is used to bring Enta back to life as a human. Toi understands but Dark Keppi appears to unleash despair over the world. Although Kazuki grabs Toi as he is snared by tendrils, an apparition of his brother persuades Toi to leave the connections and he steps away to walk into the dark.