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Episode 11 of Sarazanmai is the eleventh and final episode of the Sarazanmai Anime.


Cameo (non-speaking roles)


After being convinced by Otter to follow him into the abyss of Dark Keppi, Toi is given the ability to erase himself from existence by shooting his past selves with his gun. Meanwhile, Kazuki, Enta and Keppi followed him to save him and make amends for their relationship.

They manage to stop him, but it cuts the miçanga, symbol of their connection, and Dark Keppi shoots ten year-old Toi anyway. But Toi realizes that he want to be by Kazuki and Enta's side, so they shout a last Sarazanmai. Their last battle is to give to a ten year-old Kazuki the reconnected miçanga. They suceed, with the help of Keppi, Sara and the newly-reborn Reo and Mabu. After the last leaking sequence, the trio decide that they still want to connect to each other.


Episode Notes

Post-Credits Scenes


After spending three years at juvie, Toi comes back to Asakusa. He does not want to go back to Sobakyuu, out of fear of how his uncle and aunt would react. Whilst having a monologue, he wanders through the city until he comes across Azumabashi. There, he jumps and falls into the ア symbol. Once he nearly reaches the bottom of the river, he hears a familiar song. Then, Kazuki and Enta leap into the water to join Toi. The three of them share a sweet and short chatting before "singing for tomorrow".

The very last scene of Sarazanmai:

A boat starts leaving Asakusa, revealing the Kappa Trio in their kappa forms, ready to confront their greatest opponent: the future.


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