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I Want to Connect, but I Want to Take (つながりたいけど、奪いたい) is the second episode of the Sarazanmai anime.


Defeating the zombie previously yielded a Dish of Hope from Keppi, and more can be gained from others. Though Toi and Enta try and alleviate Kazuki's concerns of having his secret revealed to them, Kazuki still tries to explain that he dresses as the idol Sara Azuma for the sake of his younger brother.

Growing cannabis to help his older brother Chikai, Toi pursues a cat called Nyantaro with Kazuki when he steals a bag of cannabis. Whilst Toi chases Nyantaro through an amusement part for couples with Kazuki warning Nyantaro to escape, a zombie captures the cat.

Enta and Keppi join them and after vanquishing the zombie, Kazuki again has a secret revealed that Nyantaro was, in fact, someone else's cat that he stole to please Haruka.


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Kappa Zombie of the Day

Episode Notes

Post-Credits Scene

Enta comes across Kazuki who is sleeping dressed as Sara. Enta then kisses Kazuki.


  • The Kappa Zombie's human name, Kiis Memore, is a pun of "Kiss Me More", implied that he likes to be kissed by many women he dated.


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