I Want to Connect, so I'm Not Giving up is the sixth episode of the Sarazanmai anime.

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Still in their kappa forms, Kazuki, Enta and Toi with Keppi break into the facility where Haruka has been taken after he was kidnapped by Reo.

His friends allow Kazuki to make it where he offers himself to bring his brother back before they stop him from following through with it.

They hear from Keppi that Reo and Mabu work for the Otter Empire which has been in conflict with the Kappa Kingdom concerning the Shirikodama energy. Having largely overcome the Kappa Kingdom the otters are now turning their attention to humans.

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A flashback shows that during the war between the Otter Empire and the Kappa Kingdom Mabu had sacrificed himself to defend Reo from an attack.

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