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Kappa Zombies that appear in Sarazanmai.

Kappa Zombie Episode Appeared In Secret Revealed Kappa Secrets

Episode 7 A man who wants to be kicked by his girlfriend Enta's trashing and stealing of the Dishes of Hope

Episode 1 A man who loves to have box on his head while naked Kazuki's Crossdressing and taking the role of Sara

Episode 2 A man who wants his loved one to caress him like a cat Kazuki has stolen Nyantaro

Episode 3 A man who wants to be connected to all the women Enta's actions caused by his crush on Kazuki

Episode 5 - Episode 6 A man who wants to find back the feet scent of his loved one None

Episode 4 A man who wants to cook his soba in the used bathwater of his loved one 10 year-old Toi killed the Yurikamome Gang leader, but Chikai willingly took the blame
Mabu Zombie Episode 10 A man who wanted to stay by his loved one's side and who was forced to say that he hated him to do so Reo heard Mabu when he said that he hated him

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Characters Arcade Attendant Chikai Kuji Enta Jinnai Gang Leader Hanayashiki Amusement Park Kazuki Yasaka Kazuki’s Grandpa Kazuki's Mother Keppi Kiis Memore Mabu Akutsu Nyantaro Nee-chan Nekoyama Mokichi Otone Jinnana Police Officer (One) Police Officer (Two) Reo Niiboshi Sara Azuma Sara's Manager Soccer Player (One) Soccer Player (Two) Sword Gang Member Toi Kuji Usoo-kun the Otter Yurikamome Gangster Zombies
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