Kazuki Yasaka's experiences in Sarazanmai.

History Edit

Opening Edit

In the opening, Kazuki runs around Asakusa at night.

Story Edit

Dish 1 - I Want to Connect, but I want to Lie Edit

Dressed as Sara Azuma, Kazuki takes a selfie with Toi trying to break into a car in the background. In front of a large golden kappa statue he is found by him again. After they break the statue, Kazuki wakes up in his classroom, thinking that what happened was a dream. Enta comes to confront him about skipping the soccer training, but he does not really answer as to why. Suddenly, Otone introduces a new student to the class: Toi Kuji. That is when both of them realize that the events of the morning did occur.

Dish 2 - I Want to Connect, but I want to Take Edit

Dish 3 - I Want to Connect, but it's Not Meant to Be Edit

Dish 4 - I Want to Connect, but You're So Far Away Edit

Dish 5 - I Want to Connect, but I Can't Be ForgivenEdit

Dish 6 - I Want to Connect, so I'm Not Giving upEdit

Dish 7 - I Want to Connect, but I Want to BetrayEdit

Dish 8 - I Want to Connect, but We'll Never Meet AgainEdit

Dish 9 - I Want to Connect, but I Can't Express ItEdit

Dish 10 - I Want to Connect, but I Can'tEdit

Dish 11 - I Want to Connect, so SarazanmaiEdit


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