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Keppi is a kappa in Sarazanmai and the one responsible for transforming characters into other kappas. He works with them to defeat the zombies that appear.


Quadruped, white Keppi walks on four feet in contrast to the bipedal green kappa he can create. He is physically plump almost rounded with only his feet and beak protruding from his body and no visible ears. In terms of height, Keppi reaches near the knees of a high school student.

Other distinguishing traits include his large flattened yellow beak elongated horizontally across his face. There is a circular patch atop his head crowned with a pale green material that is a part of his body in a triangular pattern. Keppi's legs are small, stumpy with no digits but can support his frame. They are capable of growing instantly into much larger muscular limbs, usually seen when in the process of extracting one's shirikodama.


Very quick to irate, Keppi is easily irked and does not enjoy failure. He does take time to explain matters.


He appears after a golden statue commemorating the kappa is broken in an altercation between Kazuki and Toi.



  • Keppi shares his seiyuu with Life Sexy from Yurikuma Arashi, another anime by Kunihiko Ikuhara.
  • According to Migi, Keppi's design was made by Ikuhara himself.