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Mabu Akutsu is one of the main antagonists in the Sarazanmai series that takes on the guise of a local police officer.


Full body

Mabu is an adult man that has short dark grey hair, half-framed grey glasses and green eyes. His skin tone is very pale and somewhat greyish. His police uniform consists of a dark blue hat with a gold emblem in the front, a dark blue gun holster hung by a black belt, grey pants, black boots and a regular blue collared police shirt buttoned to the top. He is seen mainly wearing his usual work attire in the series apart from being seen in an imperial outfit in Episode 6 and a white hospital gown in Episode 7.


There is a stoic aspect to his personality where he is generally calm natured. He takes his duties seriously especially alongside Reo.


Reo Niiboshi

His fellow police officer who he works with closely. In their synchronized dance he is held by Reo who pulls his mechanical like heart out his chest with him kept alive as part of the routine. It is confirmed many times in the show and the spinoff manga that they are a couple.


  • His personality is composed. [1]
  • HIs recent obsession is cooking. [1]
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