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Migi is the original character designer for Sarazanmai.

The Kappa Trio Edit

  • For Kazuki, she was tasked to make "a plain-looking boy".
  • For Toi, she was tasked to mak him "ugly cute". It was also the most difficult character to design.
  • For Enta, she decided to have him wearing glasses so that he would be more recognazible.

Reo & Mabu Edit

  • They are supposed to be wearing the top of Japanese policemen, and the pants of policemen in foreign movies (presumably American movies).

Sara Azuma Edit

  • She had to redesign her multiple times, because Ikuhara and her disagree on what makes a bishojo. Sara Azuma is more the vision of Ikuhara.

Chikai Kuji Edit

  • At first, she attended to make him look like a delinquant (she even headcannon that Toi tried to copy the style of his older brother). However, Ikuhara told her that he wasn't a delinquant, and the design was scrapped.

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Trivia Edit

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