Otone Jinnai is Enta's older sister and a P.E teacher at Sara Middle School.

Appearance Edit

She has long pigtails on either side of her head and light green eyes. Most of the time, she wears a lavender shirt underneath a white jumper.

Kayoko Ishikawa's Image Board Lapin Track

Kayoko Ishikawa's Image Board, posted on Lapin Track's Twitter

According to Kayoko Ishikawa, she used to wear glasses.

Personality Edit

Otone is a caring sister and person in general. She does not want Enta to spend money. In Episode 9, while hiding her pain, she comforts Kazuki and thanks him for always being by her brother's side. When Kazuki rushes to see Enta, she starts to sob.

She is absolutely starstruck by Kiis, her boyfriend. In Episode 3, she wants to kiss him. However, she forgets about him when his Shirikodama was assimilated by Keppi.

Story Edit

She is first seen presenting Toi to her class. Later, she gets angry when she sees that Enta has been buying again.

Connections Edit

Enta Jinnai Edit

Otone and Enta have a solid sibling-relationship. They do bicker sometimes but overall, it is stable.

Toi Kuji Edit

She is the one who presented Toi to the class in Episode 1. She is surprised when Enta says that he "mixed up his package with his", asking him if Toi is his friend.

Kazuki Yasaka Edit

She comforts Kazuki in Episode 9, saying that "it's not his fault, that it's the fault on whoever shot Enta".

Trivia Edit

  • She was not supposed to be a teacher in the original script, rather a middle schooler.
  • She looks extremely similar to Lulu Yurigasaki, one of the main characters of Yurikuma Arashi (which was also made by Kunihiko Ikuhara).
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