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These are the guidelines that will best help the Sarazanmai Wiki. The guidelines are more help pages on how to make areas as good as they can be and they are malleable in that if better ones can be made to achieve a nicer result then they should be updated to meet the needs of the time period.

The ones established are policies that are made in response to developments undertaken on the wiki. For example when pages were made, as a community effort it was felt to have the article layouts a certain way. Blogs were made and so what can be done in them was also elucidated upon.

Other policies such as the Image Policy come from excellent experiences on other wikis where it is clear that some methods work better than others on attaining the best images for the wiki, and so they were added here!

Good faith would always be assumed, and everyone is welcome to take part editing and enjoying any and all areas of the wiki. The policies may be a handy read in that regard, they are to help the Sarazanmai become the all covering encyclopedia for the series, have fun!

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