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Reo Niiboshi is one of the main antagonists in the Sarazanmai series, and takes on the guise of a local police officer.


Reo has dark skin, turquoise eyes, shoulder-length white hair and shark-like teeth. His uniform consists of a dark blue officers hat with a gold emblem in the front, grey pants, dark boots and a normal blue police shirt. He is seen mainly wearing his usual police officer uniform in the series apart from being seen in an imperial outfit in Episode 6 and a dark purple hospital gown in Episode 7.


Sticking to his duties seriously, Reo is motivated in extracting desires and create zombies to gather Dishes of Hope for Mabu.


Mabu Akutsu

Reo is close to him and they usually always work together. Over the course of the series Reo seems angry with Mabu and does not see him as "his Mabu" because of Mabu not being allowed to express his feelings for Reo until much later in the series. Despite this, Reo cares deeply for Mabu.

From the pair's first appearance in the spinoff manga it was heavily implied that they are a romantically involved couple. This was later confirmed in episode 9 where Reo called himself and Mabu "the ultimate couple" and ep 10 where Mabu told Reo that he loves him, using the Japanese word "aishiteiru" which is almost always reserved for very rare and special intimate moments between longtime romantic partners. It is also been confirmed in several interviews with the series' creators.


He is on familiar terms with this kappa, heir to the Kappa Kingdom.



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