Reo Niiboshi's relationships and interactions with other characters in Sarazanmai.

Connections Edit

Mabu Akutsu Edit

Reo and Mabu are each others' romantic partners. It is hinted that Mabu, as a rich aristocrat, found Reo, a pauper, all by himself. However, something changed after the release of Dark Keppi during the destruction of the Kappa Kingdom. Mabu died while protecting Reo from Dark Keppi. When Reo woke up, he learned about his partner's demise. He begged the Otter to revive him by all costs. However, then he overheard "the fake Mabu" stating that he hated him thus their relationship keeps crumbling in the series until the reveal.

Otter Edit

When he first met it, he did not think much of this youkai. However, as time passes on, he started to hate it. It was the thing that put inside of him the contemplation of killing "the fake Mabu" by his own hands. He eventually finds out what he views as Mabu's adultery with it.

Sara Azuma Edit

Sara is Reo and Mabu's adopted daughter in the Reo and Mabu manga. Reo was the one who took the decision to keep Sara after a man told him that they would foil Sara's education because Reo and Mabu are a homosexual couple.

Haruka Yasaka Edit

They meet in Episode 6. At first, they seem to get along while talking about their loved ones...until Reo put him to sleep and kidnaps him.

Enta Jinnai Edit

He does not think much of him less so when he shoots him because he wants the Dishes of Hope to bring back "the real Mabu". He does not care of Enta's reaction when he told the latter that he had four hours to live.

Kazuki Yasaka Edit

He learned of Kazuki's existence when talking to Haruka. When he met him, it was to shoot him to take the Dishes of Hope to bring back "the real Mabu". He becomes more and more frustrated with the kid's determination to save his best friend. And when Mabu died a second time, he threatened him and did not hesitate to kick him.

Toi Kuji Edit

Reo is shot and killed by Toi when he saw him threatening to shoot Kazuki.

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