Haruka's sachet is a pink scent pouch that smells like cherry blossom (associated to Kazuki). It actually belongs to Kazuki's Mother.

Etymology Edit

Sachet is the french word for pouch. More precisely, in old french, sachet is a scent pouch that high class women used.

Story Edit

  • The sachet first appears in Episode 5. It caused Kazuki to doubt his relationship with Haruka and his adopted family and made him unable to face his own secret.
  • Episode 6: In Haruka's flashback, it is revealed that he found the pouch and met its owner.
  • Episode 7: Haruka tries to give it back to Kazuki, but the latter declines, saying that he wants to connect to the people who are close to him, including Haruka himself.

Trivia Edit

  • In the French subs, it is called a "pot-pourri" instead (which also associated with fragance).
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