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Sara Azuma is a character in Sarazanmai. She is an idol who reports on news events usually related to misgivings concerning the zombies that appear.


She has the appearance of a teenage girl with long hair down to her back. Sara’s appearance is distinct wearing her idol clothing.

Kappa form

Like Keppi, she is round and white. Unlike him and the other kappas, she lacks a beak. In terms of size her height comes up to the height of a person's knee and is white colored with dark hair.


Very lively on television, Sara is also very naive and absent minded to the point of being indifferent when captured and confined. She is a bit clumsy but has a good nature.


  • Never forget that only those who connect their desires through the pain of loss can take the future in their hands. - Sara to Haruka (ep. 11)


  • Her most favorite food is cucumber.
  • Her least favorite food is eggplant.
  • Sara is the only character who have their seiyuu be the stage actor on the musical.