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Kazuki Yasaka

Toi Kuji

Enta Jinnai


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Middle school students Kazuki, his childhood friend Enta and transfer student Toi are transformed into kappas. The one responsible for stealing their shirikodama is Keppi, a self proclaimed first heir to the throne of the Kappa Kingdom, who wants them to battle kappa-zombies. In order to defeat them, a loud cry of "Sarazanmai" must be said and one is granted a Dish of Hope upon victory. The three need to connect in order to achieve this, complicated in that each time they utter the term, one of their secrets is revealed.

How do you extract desire? How do you stop kappa zombies? Kero. Make sure to protect your shirokadama. Remember to watch Asakusa Sara TV for the Lucky Selfie of the Day! Dish!

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LovelyPsyche LovelyPsyche 30 April

Happy birthday Kazuki !

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Happy (extremely late) birthday Mabu !

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LovelyPsyche LovelyPsyche 1 January

Happy New Year 2021 !

Hope you're doing great ! (And happy birthday to Keppi !)

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Merry Christmas (2020) !

Have a nice day and be careful.

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LovelyPsyche LovelyPsyche 24 July 2020

Happy birthday to Reo Niiboshi

Today is July 24th (2020). Happy birthday to Reo !

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