"The shirikodama is a mythical organ located in the anus."

Enta's Grandmother[[Episode 1|[source]]]
In Sarazanmai, the shirikodama is an organ that host the desire of a person. Keppi needs to assimilate the shirikodama of a Kappa Zombie to create a Dish of Hope.

Appearance Edit

In Sarazanmai, the shirikodama resemble pink and purple colored marbles with black colored inscriptions on them. The centre resembles a white sphere.

Story Edit

When Keppi removes the shirikodama of one of the boys or Reo, it transforms them into kappas. It also holds the secret (desire) of a kappa zombie. They need to be "eaten" by one of the kappas, which confronts him directly to one of his own secret or feeling. If he succeeds, all of them take back their human form and Keppi can assimilate the desire.

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