The Soba Zombie appears in Episode 4 of the Sarazanmai anime.

Appearance Edit

This zombie like the others shares the appearance of a large night blue humanoid body crouching on all fours seemingly containing multiple tiny stars within. It is dark blue overall yet abruptly changes to a lighter shade of blue at the zombies wrists and near the ankles with dark pink fingernails and toenails. There is a dark pink outline around its whole appearance in addition to a dark pink swirl located on its crotch region. Its four arms are not resting on the ground, rather holding up what functions as the zombies head namely a large beige soba bowl with black writing on the front. Within is a gigantic leek, and a large yellow rubber duck with black eyes and a small orange bill. This duck is sentient and acts as a mouth piece for the zombie.

Background Edit

The Soba Zombie began as a person

Episode Appeared In Edit

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