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Tōi Kuji (久慈 悠 Kuji Tōi) is a delinquent middle school student who is transformed into a kappa alongside Kazuki and Enta by Keppi. A recent transfer student in Kazuki's class, he sells cannabis for his older brother, Chikai.


Human Form

Kappa Form

Kuji is a middle school student with blue-tinged hair covering his right eye, blue eyes, freckles on his face, and wears a black hoodie with an open white shirt, red tie, blue trousers with a brown belt and navy boots.

In his Kappa form, he has black eyes and his hairstyle is more flat but keeps a similar style and color. His skin color in Kappa form is turquoise blue and has accessories such as a sara (plate) [1] on his head and a teal-colored neckerchief. His kappa shell has a lightning bolt on it.


He is fine with seeing and participating in criminal activities such as breaking into cars, waterboarding another person and possibly even shooting another human being if necessary. Kuji also has a softer side shown toward his friends and brother. Out of the main trio, Toi seems to be the more mature character, however, he is still childish in ways such as his shoot first, questions later' type of attitude. He isn't the type to openly admit his feelings or show affection, however, he is seen to be very forgiving and understanding, especially with his close friends and family.

Episodes Appeared In


  • “People realize they were connected when they no longer are.” Toi to Kazuki (ep. 8)
  • "Busutto ikuzo!"


  • According to the Pash! Magazine, his personality is impulsive.[2]
  • Also according to that, his favorite food is soba (because he grew up in a soba shop) and his least favorite is pickled plums.[2]
  • His recent obsession is nothing in particular.[2]


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