Toi Kuji had various interactions and made connections with other people in Sarazanmai.

Kazuki Yasaka Edit

Toi meets Kazuki for the first time at the Kappa Plaza when he tries to attack Kazuki (actually in the car parking place when Kazuki crossdress as Sara Azuma). as the series goes on Toi and Kazuki actually met when they were younger when a young Toi was giving up playing soccer after Chikai and a young Toi killed a gang member. when a young Kazuki told asked why Toi was giving up soccer. Toi then says cause of his brother. later on as Toi is throwing his misanga out to the sea a young Kazuki ends up catching it and ends up keeping since that time

Enta Jinnai Edit

Initially one of Kazuki's friends before becoming his as well. He turns to Enta to help consolidate Kazuki reminding that they are supposed to be the golden duo.

Chikai Kuji Edit

Toi cares very deeply for his older brother as he is his only remaining close family member. Although Chikai is involved in illegal acts, Toi is still willing to give up many things in his life, such as his childhood, friends and home, in order to support him.

Keppi Edit

The prince of the kappan kingdom who turns Toi into a green kappa and helps him defeat zombies.

Nyantaro Edit

Nyantaro steals Toi's fish food package with cannabis to which Toi pursues the cat through a theme park.

Reo Niiboshi Edit

Toi killed Reo when he saw him threatening to shoot Kazuki at the end of Episode 10.
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