Toi Kuji's experiences and perspectives in the Sarazanmai story

Story Edit

Dish 1 - I Want to Connect, but I want to Lie Edit

Toi is using a crowbar to gain access to a car before noticing that he is part of Sara Azuma’s selfie, a photograph of her with him and his criminal activity in the background. Telling her to hand over the phone, Toi chases her when she runs away and comes across Kazuki at a shrine of a Kappa. Asking whether he has seen Sara, Toi notices that Kazuki has Sara’s phone. Suspecting a connection between them, Toi attacks Kazuki and when he ducks, Toi ends up breaking the kappa statue.

Later, Toi ends up in the same class as Kazuki and Enta. Upon seeing the former, he realizes that meeting him and the breaking of the statue weren't a dream.

As a result he is transformed into a small green kappa with his blue hair.

Dish 2 - I Want to Connect, but I want to Take Edit

Continuing from Episode 1, Toi, alongside Kazuki and Enta, learns about the Dishes of Hope that Keppi would give them if they continue to defeat Kappa Zombies.

Dish 3 - I Want to Connect, but it's Not Meant to Be Edit

Toi discovers Enta who passes out after being beaten by two boys from Kazuki and Enta' rivals.

Dish 4 - I Want to Connect, but You're So Far Away Edit

When he was ten years old, his parents died from suicide because of un-payable debts. Toi then lived with his only brother, Chikai, who resorted to some criminal activities to survive. The young Toi received the doctrine that it is the bad guys who can survive in this world from his older sibling.

Dish 5 - I Want to Connect, but I Can't Be Forgiven Edit

Dish 6 - I Want to Connect, so I'm Not Giving up Edit

Dish 7 - I Want to Connect, but I Want to Betray Edit

Dish 8 - I Want to Connect, but We'll Never Meet Again Edit

Dish 9 - I Want to Connect, but I Can't Express It Edit

Dish 10 - I Want to Connect, but I Can't Edit

Dish 11 - I Want to Connect, so Sarazanmai Edit

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