The tokarev is a gun that was given to Chikai. It is also the literal object of Toi's trauma.

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  • The tokarev was given to Chikai by the Yurikamome Leader after the former joined their gang.
  • A younger Toi shot that same leader with it so he would not kill his brother. The latter shot twice with it to take the blame.
  • Toi hid the gun so that Chikai doesn't throw it away.
  • It is briefly seen in the very first scene of Episode 1.
  • Enta discovers the gun in Episode 2, which causes him to distrust even more Toi.
  • In that same episode, Toi points it towards Kazuki, threatening to give him his Dish of Hope. Fortunately, he does not shoot him when he refuses.
  • It reappears in Episode 4, with Toi having acquired it.
  • Episode 6 :Toi uses it to save Kazuki.
  • Episode 8 :It briefly appears in Toi's backpack.
  • Episode 9 :Toi uses it to save Chikai, who had a gun fight with many yakuzas.
  • Episode 10 :Toi shoots Reo and threatens Kazuki once again to give him his Dish of Hope to resurrect his brother.
  • Episode 11 :The gun is fused with Dark Keppi. When Toi tells Kazuki and Enta to go away, Dark Keppi shoots the younger Toi.

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